The Advantages of Choosing an Independent Freight Forwarder
11 Jan

The Advantages of Choosing an Independent Freight Forwarder

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What Independent Freight Forwarders Do

The top twenty exporters in the world (China #1 and the US #2) shipped 127.60 million twenty-foot equivalent units in 2014, reports the World Shipping Council. The village is global and trade is booming. Getting products where you need them and when you need them can be a web of bureaucratic red tape, complex forms and procedures, and negotiations with many different players—but it doesn’t have to be for your business.

When you want to ship goods across the globe you really have two options for freight forwarding: multinational corporations or small independent freight forwarders. But let’s start with what a freight forwarder can do to help meet your shipping needs.

Freight forwarders don’t actually handle freight. What they do is remove a giant headache for your business and employees. Freight forwarders handle the myriad layers of administration, negotiations, international standards, customs details, cargo tracking and generally arrange everything to get your stuff from start to finish. If you don’t have an in-house international shipping expert, things can go off the rails quickly. They navigate the intricacies of paperwork, negotiations, red tape, efficiency and best shipping practices. In short, freight forwarders arrange everything so you don’t have to.

Why Use an Independent Freight Forwarder

Independent freight forwarders (IFF) are smaller than the multinationals and that’s a benefit. IFF aren’t bogged down by layers of internal bureaucratic procedures and layer upon layer of approvals and review. This allows more flexibility to address complex problems with creative solutions. Large businesses have tons of rules and regulations to manage such a large organization. This complexity can hinder the process and make them slow to adjust or to implement innovative solutions.

Additionally, IFF are tightly networked, trusted and held to high standards. International freight forwarding networks like World Cargo Alliance hold members to high business standards plus it requires a close and serious vetting process to become a member—their reputation is based on it. With networks like the WCA, you can have more reach and market share than the multinationals combined with the flexibility and agility of an independent freight forwarder.

Independent freight forwarders find the best rates and can deliver the best prices to you. With a smaller, less centralized operation, overhead is low, operations are flexible and they navigate through less internal red tape. This all adds up to better rates and superior service. Plus, with IFF you speak to people (not machines) who provide great one-on-one time and who really take the time to understand and address shipping concerns.

When to Use an Independent Freight Forwarder

  • Do you have something to ship overseas? If the answer is yes, then you can benefit from an independent freight forwarder.
  • Do you have an in-house global shipping expert or an entire international shipping department? If the answer is no, then you definitely need to speak with an independent freight forwarder. They can become part of your entire transport strategy and essentially gives you an expert international shipping department—without all the extra costs.
  • Would you like to ship all over the world at the lowest rates and with a personal one-on-one touch? If you answered yes, then an independent freight forwarder may be your solution.

Get Armed with Free Expert Advice

If you want to find out if a freight forwarder is the right solution for your shipping needs, let IZZI Logistics give you some insight. No matter where you take your shipping business, IZZI has advisors who can give you expert advice and an accurate quote today. Let IZZI arm you with in-depth analysis of air, ocean and ground freight services so you can find what best fits your business needs.

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